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Changes for the Dota 2 Test schema on 2014-04-17 @ 8:19 PM

Last Update: 13/03/2014 @ 12:51 AM
Schema ID: 1647548c03c74957d36a12985d698b09
Entry Count: 4514 / 4172 (342)

Items Added: (347)

Icons Altered: (35)

Qualities Altered: (6)

Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm from Exalted -> Standard
Zombie Hopper from Standard -> Genuine
Crown of Hells from Genuine -> Standard
Forge of Iron Will from Genuine -> Standard
Murder of Crows from Genuine -> Standard
Free to Play Collector's Pack from Genuine -> Standard

Names Altered: (43)

Regalia of the Bonelord Cape -> Regalia of the Wraith Lord Cape
Regalia of the Bonelord Sword -> Regalia of the Wraith Lord Sword
Regalia of the Bonelord Gauntlet -> Regalia of the Wraith Lord Gauntlet
Regalia of the Bonelord Crown -> Regalia of the Wraith Lord Helmet
Regalia of the Bonelord Shoulder -> Regalia of the Wraith Lord Shoulder
Forge of Iron Will Weapon -> The Fearmaker
Murder of Crows Mask -> Murder Mask
Forge of Iron Will Arms -> Rogue at Arms
Forge of Iron Will Back -> Spine Guard Armor
Forge of Iron Will Belt -> Belt of Outcast Honor
Forge of Iron Will Helmet -> The Rogue Helm
Forge of Iron Will Shoulders -> The Shrug Irons
Crown of Hells Arms -> Hell at Arms
Crown of Hells Banner -> The Burning Banner
Crown of Hells Belt -> Belt of All Hells
Crown of Hells Helm -> Crown of Gore
Crown of Hells Shoulder -> Shoulders of Damnation
Crown of Hells Tail -> Tail of Defilement
Crown of Hells Weapon -> Blade of Soul Hunger
Murder of Crows Pauldron Perch -> Pauldron Perch
Murder of Crows Weapon -> Talon Edge
Murder of Crows Gauntlet -> Gauntlet of Dark Feathers
Murder of Crows Armored Arm -> Armor of the Black Bird
Murder of Crows Dendi Doll -> Dendi Doll
Murder of Crows Offhand -> The Crow Eater
Free to Play Ward -> Wide Angle
Free to Play Courier -> Filmtail
Free to Play HUD -> Depth of Field
Treasure Key of the Forbidden Lotus -> Petals of the Forbidden Lotus
Treasure Key of Crystalline Chaos -> Orb of Crystalline Chaos
Treasure Key of the Cursed Wood -> Seed of the Cursed Wood
Treasure Key of the Shaper Divine -> Emblem of the Shaper Divine
Treasure Key of Incandescent Wax -> Candle of Incandescent Wax
Winter Snowdrop Set -> Winter Snowdrop
Light of the Solar Divine Set -> Light of the Solar Divine
Blessings of the Wildwing Set -> Blessings of the Wildwing
Garments of the Nightsilver Sentinel Set -> Garments of the Nightsilver Sentinel
Designs of the Slithereen Nobility Set -> Designs of the Slithereen Nobility
Featherfall Set -> Featherfall
Aspects of Summer Set -> Aspects of Summer
Flight of the Crescent Moon Set -> Flight of the Crescent Moon
DC Presents: The XMG Captains Draft Invitational -> American Dota League Season 2
Divine Ascension Set -> Divine Ascension