Total items: 60/10300

Inscribed Items (1)#
Hakama of a Thousand Faces1
Standard Items (52)#
Gunslinger's Cape1
Bloodstone of the Precursor1
Gunslinger's Rifle1
Storm-Stealer's Bracers1
Name Tag2
Artificer's Chisel1
Inscribed Gem3
Hare Hunt Sleeves1
Description Tag1
Jewel of the Forest Gloves1
Staff of Faith1
Regalia of the Wraith Lord Cape1
Kataginu of a Thousand Faces1
Blade of the Blood Stained Sands1
Taunt: Celebration of Death1
Cruel Diretide1
Hare Hunt Rifle1
Artificer's Hammer1
Mighty Boar1
Faulds of the Gwimyeon Warrior1
Announcer: Death Prophet1
Masks of Ancestral Luck1
Level %s1 Present1
Young Alchemist's Knot1
Back Hook1
Demonhide Girdle of Apocalyptic Fire1
Tribal Terror Bracers1
Tribal Terror Belt1
Tribal Terror Cape1
Tribal Terror Dreadlocks1
Tribal Terror Headdress1
Tribal Terror Offhand1
Tribal Terror Weapon1
Tribal Terror Loading Screen1
Commodore's Bicorne1
Noctis the Heavenly Qilin Guardian1
Fluted Guard of the Moon Rider1
Visage of Eki Bukaw1
Unknown Item 199981
Unknown Item 129581
Unknown Item 129591
Unknown Item 129601
Unknown Item 129611
Unknown Item 129631
Unknown Item 129621
Unknown Item 129471
Unknown Item 174681
Unknown Item 174925
Unknown Item 174951
Unknown Item 174961
Unknown Item 174941
Unknown Item 175051