Total items: 116/10000

Genuine Items (1)#
Unknown Item 109851
Inscribed Items (1)#
Unknown Item 111251
Auspicious Items (1)#
Announcer: Bastion1
Standard Items (112)#
Bloodstone of the Ancestor1
Gunslinger's Rifle1
Juju o' Wicked Badness1
Staff o' Wicked Badness1
Mask o' Wicked Badness1
Belt o' Wicked Badness1
Arc of the Northern Wind1
Name Tag1
Level 2 Present1
Gunslinger's Cape1
Unknown Item 117361
Unknown Item 117371
Halberd of the Equine Emissary 1
Unknown Item 109571
Mega-Kills: Bastion1
Unknown Item 112661
Three-Fold Mien of the Boar God1
Wraps of a Thousand Faces1
Vestments of the Exiled Ronin1
Pantaloons of the Bladekeeper1
Long-Fang the Grey Blade1
Helmet of The Iron Drakken1
Gauntlet of The Iron Drakken1
Pantaloons of the Freelancer1
Luminous Edge1
Shuriken of the Hunter1
Mask of the Crimson Cut-throat1
Qaldin Assassin's Dagger1
Mancatcher of the Crimson Cut-throat1
Master Assassin's Tails1
Dressed Pauldron of the Mono Militis1
Bulwark of the Rogue Knight1
Armor of the Twin Blades1
Hardened Hunter's Bracer1
Dragonterror Sword1
Brooch of the Gleaming Seal1
Penumbral Shawl1
Unknown Item 80141
Dragonterror Belt1
Unknown Item 72221
Wings of the Valkyrie1
Gauntlets of the Equine Emissary1
Pauldrons of the Equine Emissary1
Unknown Item 98051
Shard of Vengeance1
Fashion of Yoskreth1
Acolyte of Vengeance Armor1
Shoulders of the Witch Hunter1
Bracers of Yoskreth1
Belt of the Witch Hunter1
Jolly Roger Loading Screen1
Unknown Item 81201
Unknown Item 81211
Unknown Item 89931
Wings of the Ember Crane1
Plunder of the High Seas1
Collar of the Divine Anchor1
Neptunian Sabre1
Claddish Hightops1
Admiral's Foraged Cap1
Admiral's Stash1
Claddish Gauntlets1
Claddish Guard1
Admiral's Salty Shawl1
Ye Olde Pipe1
Style of the Divine Anchor1
Wings of Obelis Staff1
Pauldrons of Ascension1
Shield of the Blazing Superiority1
Drapes of Ascension1
Unknown Item 74211
Helm of Ascension1
Unknown Item 74181
Storm Rider's Sight1
Rampant the Scaled Hunter1
Hammer of the Skygods1
Unknown Item 81311
Unknown Item 80221
Unknown Item 80251
Waldi the Faithful1
Vigilante Fox1
Cluckles the Brave1
The Llama Llama1
Dusklight Crescent1
Unknown Item 83011
Unknown Item 77021
Midnight Locks1
Snowball Stinger1
Arctic Hunter's Ice Axe1
Arctic Hunter's Hood1
Arctic Hunter's Parka1
Bobusang's Tobacco Fix1
Barrel of Whale Ale1
Unknown Item 80521
Armor of the Sundered King1
Scabbard of the Sundered King1
Dreadknight Gauntlet1
Dreadknight Pauldron1
Crown of Eternal Reign1
Taunt: Sharp Blade2
Unknown Item 84681
Unknown Item 79031
Demon Blood Guard1
Crown of Omoz1
Steel Wings of Apocalyptic Fire1
Blade of Soul Hunger1
Belt of All Hells1
Armor of Eternal Fire1
Tail of Eternal Fire1
Bracer of the Eleven Curses1
The 22 Keys of Anzar-Anzuli'i1
Forgemaster's Armlet1