Total items: 40/10120

Inscribed Items (2)#
Greathelm of the Chiseled Guard1
Artificer's Hammer1
Standard Items (33)#
Bloodstone of the Ancestor1
Gunslinger's Rifle1
Juljae Sword1
Name Tag2
Artificer's Chisel1
Inscribed Gem3
Description Tag1
Storm-Stealer's Armor2
Staff of Faith1
Bracers of the Twisted Arc1
The International 2013 Pass1
Quiver of the Northern Wind1
Taunt: Celebration of Death1
Cruel Diretide1
Faulds of the Gwimyeon Warrior1
Mighty Boar1
Hare Hunt Cape1
Announcer: Death Prophet1
Augur's Hair1
Assured Victory Shout1
Level %s1 Present1
Bronze 2014 Compendium Gem1
Shield of the Hidden Talent1
Bracers of the Hidden Talent1
Helm of the Hidden Talent1
Robe of the Hidden Talent1
Shoulders of the Hidden Talent1
Glaive of the Hidden Talent1
Heroic Effigy2
Might of the Slithereen Knight1
Mantle of Divine Ascension1
Shoulders of the Dark Magic1
Rune Forged Helm1