Total Items: 63/300

Backpack data is: Fresh
Haunted Items (1)#
Talon Trotters1
Vintage Items (1)#
Pyrovision Goggles1
Strange Items (1)#
Spirit of Giving1
Unique Items (49)#
Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask1
Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head1
Mann Co. Cap1
Iron Curtain1
World Traveler's Hat1
Dangeresque, Too?1
Bronze Dueling Badge1
Taunt: The Director's Vision1
Spine-Chilling Skull1
Proof of Purchase1
Professor Speks1
Solemn Vow1
Noise Maker - TF Birthday1
Party Hat1
Sticky Jumper1
Conscientious Objector1
Blighted Beak1
Seal Mask1
Team Captain1
Noise Maker - Winter Holiday1
Sharp Dresser1
Mann Co. Supply Crate10
Scottish Handshake1
Merc's Pride Scarf1
Frontier Justice1
Soda Popper1
Pyrovision Goggles1
Power Up Canteen1
Ullapool Caber1
Skull Island Topper1
Master Mind1
Modest Pile of Hat1
Mann Co. Supply Munition3
Spellbook Magazine1
Nightmare Hunter1
Tiny Texan1
Gift-Stuffed Stocking1
Nice Winter Crate 20141
Scrap Metal1
Unleash the Beast Cosmetic Case1
Frenchman's Beret1
Big Earner1