Total items: 50/700

Haunted Items (2)#
Battle Bird1
Supernatural Stalker1
Strange Items (1)#
Spirit Of Giving1
Unique Items (43)#
Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head1
Ghastlier Gibus1
Mann Co. Cap1
Spiral Sallet1
Spine-Twisting Skull1
License to Maim1
Professor Speks1
Pyrovision Goggles1
Taunt: The Director's Vision1
Power Up Canteen1
Noise Maker - TF Birthday1
Party Hat1
Operation Steel Trap Badge1
Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask1
Seal Mask1
Proof of Purchase1
World Traveler's Hat1
Headtaker's Hood1
Horrific Head of Hare1
Last Bite1
Carrion Companion1
Spellbinder's Bonnet1
Face Plante1
Sprinting Cephalopod1
Fancy Spellbook1
Operation Mecha Engine Badge1
Skull Island Topper1
Forgotten King's Pauldrons1
Forgotten King's Restless Head1
Mannhattan Project1
Ghoul Gibbin' Gear1
Necro Smasher1
Dangeresque, Too?1
Gentle Munitionne of Leisure1
Operation Two Cities Badge1
Bronze Dueling Badge1
Operation Gear Grinder Badge1
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key5