Total items: 190/3000

Decorated Weapon Items (1)#
Flame Thrower6
Strange Items (2)#
Spirit Of Giving1
Haunted Items (2)#
Minsk Beef1
Up Pyroscopes1
Unique Items (63)#
Ghostly Gibus1
Operation Steel Trap Badge1
Operation Oil Spill Badge1
Noise Maker - TF Birthday1
Seal Mask1
World Traveler's Hat1
Unfilled Fancy Spellbook1
Kritz or Treat Canteen1
Necro Smasher1
Naughty Winter Crate 20131
Black Summer 2013 Cooler2
Yellow Summer 2013 Cooler2
Orange Summer 2013 Cooler3
Green Summer 2013 Cooler1
Red Summer 2013 Cooler2
Bronze Dueling Badge1
Gun Mettle Campaign Coin1
Nice Winter Crate 20131
Power Up Canteen1
Invasion Community Update Coin1
Chemistry Set3
Soul Gargoyle1
Freedom Feathers1
Archimedes the Undying1
Description Tag3
Noise Maker - Winter Holiday3
Iron Curtain1
License to Maim1
Enthusiast's Timepiece1
Dangeresque, Too?1
Something Special For Someone Special1
Mann Co. Supply Crate13
Competitive Matchmaking Beta Pass1
Competitive Matchmaking Beta Invite2
Party Hat1
Jungle Inferno ConTracker1
End of the Line Community Crate10
Strange Count Transfer Tool43
Robo Community Crate3
Summer Appetizer Crate1
Brown Summer 2013 Cooler1
Blue Summer 2013 Cooler1
Aqua Summer 2013 Cooler2
Mann Co. Strongbox2
Fall 2013 Acorns Crate1
Fall 2013 Gourd Crate1
Mann Co. Stockpile Crate3
Limited Late Summer Crate2
Naughty Winter Crate 20142
Nice Winter Crate 20141
Tough Break Cosmetic Case1
Operation Two Cities Badge1
Reinforced Robot Bomb Stabilizer1
Mann Co. Store Package20
Blue Moon Cosmetic Case11
Winter 2017 Cosmetic Case1
Unknown Item 58972
Unleash the Beast Cosmetic Case2
Abominable Cosmetic Case3
Scrap Metal1